Procrastination Exercises

Stuff to do when you’re procrastinating.

#3782 – Invent as many story-lines centering on the number 35 as you can in 10 minutes. GO!

1. My $35 million lottery win – Including the torrid story of how taxes, accountants and other assorted hangers on left about 35c for me.
2. 35 Surviving Dalmations – An alternate on the story of 101 Dalmations where they are born to a street dog and 35 manage to survive.
3. 35 – The Musical – A story of a struggling computer programmer who decides to write a stage musical in celebration of his 35th birthday and ends up as famous as Andrew Lloyd Webber.
4. 30 minutes hard, 5 minutes easy – Tommy was an average marathon runner with a burning ambition, to compete in the Olympic Games. His life turns on its head when he decides to take action about it and joins a training squad with an overly enthusiastic coach.
5. Making the Grade – A class of 35 school students. A teacher with a weird knack for inspiring them. Through the efforts of this one man, a generation of future leaders is prepared to make a difference to their world.
6. Token Gems – “These gems are your down payment. You will get the rest when we get our money.” With those words my contact turned and left. I counted out the gems. Thirty-five. Thirty-five glittering stones that were nothing compared to his promises, but everything to me. On these I would make my escape and build a new life. A life of freedom, hidden from the gang bonds that had held me captive for too long.

Time’s up.

How did you do?


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